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We specialize in the supply and fitting of wood flooring, including: floor preparation, hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring and all types of woodblock parquet and borders. Every aspect of the process from sub-floor preparation, installation, finishing touches and ongoing maintenance is dealt with in a truly professional manner.

We provide a service that is second to none, offering a free survey and estimating service while giving you genuinely impartial advice. We carry out compehensive moisture tests on all types of sub-floors and flooring materials. You will get a top quality installation by our experienced floor installers, without unexpected extra costs and with minimal disturbance.

Our reputation for excellence is passed from client to client and has allowed us to develop an enviable client base. Currently most of our work is coming from recommendations by existing clients and contacts like architects, designers, builders and surveyors. Installing a stable and durable wooden floor requires both quality materials and expert fitting. Our friendly team of craftsmen is vastly experienced in fitting wooden floors in a wide range of situations like: London penthouse flats, suburban houses, cottages, barn conversions, schools, churches, offices, pubs, restaurants and other public places. We supply a wide range of flooring materials from trusted and proven sources. Hardwood floors are usually classified as solid pre-finished and unfinished boards and strips, engineered boards and wood block.

Every successfull job requires appropriate preparation work to be carried out beforehand. Good preparation is key to the life span of any wooden floor. As part of our service we carry out moisture testing of the base, levelling of uneven sub-floors, plywood over joists, floorboards or concrete, application of Damp Proof Membranes. 

The majority of solid wood flooring requires to be nailed down and would need a wooden sub-floor made of different types of plywood. Solid wood blocks (parquet) can be glued down to a variety of sub floors, providing they are dry, level and in good condition. However, solid wood plank and strip have to be nailed down and as such, would make use of a wooden sub floor. Pre-finished wood is a range of solid hardwood flooring sanded and finished in the factory, allowing easy installation. It requires no sanding or finishing and can be walked upon on the day that this floor is fitted allowing a quick job with minimal mess and disturbance. The benefit of choosing an unfinished floor over a pre-finished floor is that it gives you the option of choosing the finish: staining, oils, wax, lacquers. Also most pre-finished solids have bevelled edges so if bevelled edges are not to your taste you may want to go for an unfinished floor to create a bevel free surface.

Engineered wood is also real wood flooring, as the whole board is made of different layers of wood. The top layer is made of solid wood usually 4 to 6 mm thick. Below the solid wood there are layers of wood slates laid at a 90-degree angle to the top layer to create the strength. The bottom layer is then laid at 90 degrees to the latter to add stability. There is a 14 and 15mm board available which in the future when worn can be sanded and re-finished up to 3 times. There is also a 20mm board available, which can be sanded and re-finished several times and has the life span of a solid wood floor. Engineered wood flooring is very versatile and can be installed in areas where solid wood is not compatible such as some basements, sub-floors with underfloor heating and conservatories. Compared to the solid wood, the engineered floor offers more choice and can be laid over various sub-floors by floating, nailing or gluing down.

Parquet wood block is probably the most classical type of wooden flooring. It can be laid in unlimited designs and patterns (herring-bone, basket weaves, mosaics) and finished with exquisite borders and inlays.

We also provide vital advise and products regarding cleaning and maintenance of wood floors. Most types of wood flooring would have more than 30 years of life expectancy. Key factor for such longevity is the right approach to maintaining the floor using only profesional cleaning products. Please contact us to obtain further information. 


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